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The first album by Leaves. The objective is to provide our listeners with an ever-shifting and crushing experience, discarding many musical conventions and focusing not on genre or style, but on the culmination of the Heavy Metal sound, as re-imagined for the modern age. Raw, and powerful, presenting tiny details through flaw, combined with mechanized percussion using "music concrete" samples, and creative progression through distorted bass guitar riffs. All music is cemented with powerful vocals, aggressive but clearly understandable, adding conviction to every line. ENJOY FRIENDS.


released January 11, 2013

Jeff Vaona - Bass guitars, Production
Kyle Davenport - Vocals, (coffee can, pot lid, and cardboard box) Percussion samples



all rights reserved


Leaves Renton, Washington

The music of Leaves is a diverse and energetic release of aggression and sound. Heavy and driving riffs pound through with crushing tone and as of yet, utilize a unique collection of distorted bass guitars and percussion samples of cardboard boxes, pot lids, and coffee cans. Jeff Vaona's dense and rampant music is augmented with the commanding vocals of Kyle Davenport and his sampling methods. ... more

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Track Name: Frozen Iris
Freezing in cold
I tried to fight the wrath of boredom
That took a hold of me
Laying in the snow

Falling over you
In the driveway, a mile long
Fading color from the sky
Paints a frozen river of blue and white

Vanishing tracks chasing
Two distant lights
The eyes stare back

I cast a shadow
In a picture out of focus
Framed by trees
That stand unseen
Track Name: Mirage
Monochromatic scenery surrounds me
One hue to a tapestry
Dark figure creeps closer
Blending with the horizon

Who is following me?
What is following me?

Spending sleepless nights walking
Can't even think of stopping
Reason is toppling
Emotion is for the weak
Track Name: God is a Spider
Poisoning your mind
Making you rely
Fabricated friends
Fill your head with lies

Just because
You can type
Doesn't mean

People hear you
Click 'like' if you agree
Then we can be the same
Because we like the same things

We are all typing
About what we're doing
But all we do
Is sit around typing
You don't know us
All you know is what we say
All you know is what we say
All you know is what we say

All you know is
What we say
All you know is
What we
Track Name: World's Fair
The year of the World's Fair
Will bring us new horrors
The sun glares on new tools
For engineering


The future is scarred
10,000 ways to kill
Take another desert
Take another diet pill

The year of the World's Fair
Will make the dumb dead
So the smart can feel smarter
Let's go to the fair
Track Name: Special Treatment
Everyone dies
When criminals die
It's only special treatment
Granting them a way out

The living still suffer
Torture them further
Keep them in a cell
Experiencing Hell

No more special treatment
No more special treatment

Track Name: Pins
You only have corrupt beliefs
That slowly eat your soul
You are just the ground cover
Wishing to be born again
You only see yourself
When you look at others
You are the self-absorbed
Wishing you were alive

You will not ascend
If you're buying in
Leave yourself behind
So that you can find your way


Dive into a sea of straight pins
Swim into the depths of horror
While you dwell within the deep,
You may find it hard to sleep
Track Name: The Face
High above where I sleep is a shadow on the wall
A hand reaching for me in a dream
There's a face on the ceiling speaking silent words
Dictating to my mind a nightmare

His eyes say more than his words
And claws rip my flesh

Is it a dream?
I'm falling down a mountain forever
Meeting every tree on the way down
Bones begin to crumble

Then I wake
To a demon's face
Where I once was
Is now empty space
Track Name: Serpent
Intelligent men
Only feed fools
Wise men don't lie
The mind denied

Creeping serpent crawls inside your head
Rendering what once thought, dead
Track Name: When the Earth Turned Sideways
I fell out the window when the Earth turned sideways
A thousand reflections in a broken mirror

Look within the frame and see a thousand deaths
A sing-along chorus tells of my shattered skull

We all fall into the mustard sun
Our bodies are pepper on an overcooked egg
We hear wind chimes counting all the dead
My veins are mercury rivers
Gravity throws bodies farther
Death quickly grows closer
As we burst into clouds of vapor
I'll be reborn as the spider
Track Name: The Autumn Woods
The trees shed leaves
Checkering a silver lake
The surface grows darker
As surrounding hills cast their


The park grounds dim
As the sun retires
I'm hiding here
Distant footsteps echo uphill
Track Name: Race Car Ramp
The speedway shined
Reflecting the sun
Sweat on the wheel
Loosening his grip

Tires catch the wooden ramp
The sky fills his vision
And flips upside down
Now he sees the ground
Track Name: The Stream
Cranium ruptures in a different world
Time spills out

The dark eats me

I step high over your corpse
Memories are coming back to me
Decay speaks through my nose
The stench is coming back to me


I thought through this would fall down
I thought through this would fall down

Track Name: My Grain Ocean
There's an image of the sea
In the wood grain across from me

Depth perception lies
We take a step inside
No surface to touch
We try to act surprised

The room crumbles

The forest muffles the sound of crashing waves
Rocks jut out to grab your feet

Find yourself back in reality
Sitting in your seat
You just had a daydream
Across the room from me